My First Attempt at Apophysis

When I first started using a computer I had no idea why I wanted one in the first place. But I soon found a reason why – Fractal Art. I was fascinated when I was looking at Google Images for something to draw and I thought I would try drawing something like a stained glass window and instead all these images came up of fractals and I was entranced by their beauty.

I had to learn how to create these, so we found out about Apophysis and downloaded it to my computer and once it was installed I couldn’t wait to have a go, but what the hell, how do you use it. I tried playing with everything I could see on the interface but I was getting no results. Totally frustrated but determined it would not get the better of me I persevered for a whole month until something happened and finally I had my first fractal. I’m not going to show it here because it was really nothing but I was so pleased I had actually created something.

After that I found some tutorials on Deviant Art and off I went. I would like to thank all those fractal artists who create those tutorials because without them I would have been lost to the world of Fractal Art.

This one is called Cyanosis and it was the first fractal I created that I truly loved.



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